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The Paramount Chamber Business Advocacy

The Paramount Chamber of Commerce is a member and active participant in the Gateway Chamber Alliance. GCA is a public policy advocacy body on legislative matters impacting the functions of local, state and federal government on issues associated with Jobs & Workforce Development; Education; Environment and Utilities; Infrastructure; and Regulations impacting the businesses and residents in and around the surrounding areas of the Gateway region.

The Paramount Chamber is a member and supporter of Biz Fed, The Los Angeles County Business Federation. With more than 170 business organizations representing 390,000 employers with 3.5 million employees throughout LA County, BizFed is a massive, diverse grassroots alliance that advocates for policies and projects that strengthen our regional economy. BizFed Unites the Voice of Business.

The Paramount Chamber of Commerce works diligently on building and strengthening relationships with the elected leaders that represent the City of Paramount at City Hall, Los Angeles County, Sacramento, and Washington D.C.. Through this individual effort, along with strategic partnerships with business focused organizations, we know the voice of business will always be heard.