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Public Safety

June 13, 2020

SAFETY FIRST Road Sign - 3D Rendering

Rules for business banners

     Each year, as a code enforcement issue, Public Safety provides a review of the City of Paramount ordinance that allows the use of hanging banners as a tool to help businesses with advertising.

Each business is permitted one banner, except for businesses located in corner suites, which can have two banners, and businesses occupying single-unit buildings, which can use four banners—one banner permitted per building side.

All banners must be professionally manufactured and need to be installed flat against the wall or facade and anchored at all four corners—they can’t hang in midair, be suspended only by the top edge or be strung between buildings or trees. Businesses displaying banners need to get a no-fee permit from the city and renew it yearly. It’s a simple, one-page form.

This type of marketing can be of great benefit. However, there can be a downside: If not maintained, banners will wear out and create a bad visual image. Paramount and its businesses focus on creating an attractive cityscape, which is something a tattered, untended banner can compromise.

The Paramount banner ordinance is meant to provide an effective, well-maintained advertising tool for local merchants. If these signs become damaged, or if they hang badly, it’s in everyone’s best interests to set them straight and make repairs.

To find out more, please call 562-220-2036.

When and how to fly a feather flag

Another form of advertising that many businesses use is a feather flag, a temporary sign usually installed along street frontages. To address possible excessive saturation of feather flags, the City of Paramount has an ordinance pertaining to their use.

The ordinance allows feather flags to be displayed for up to 50 days per year, with a no-fee permit needed from the city. Days of display may be in blocks of dates or single-day periods. Time periods will be determined at the business owner’s discretion.

One feather flag is allowed per business, though a second flag is allowed for businesses located in a corner suite or in a single-pad building. Feather flags must be maintained in good condition.

For more information about displaying feather flags, please call 562-220-2036.